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What We Do

We create inspired digital products designed to elevate everyday human experiences and drive your business


We are capable of making features that serve your need for your mobile apps and websites

Here are some of the core features that we already have:


Supports login with E-mail and social media i.e. Facebook. Especially with Facebook login, we enable users to login with Facebook app not website so that it gives you better experience

News feed

This is where all information contributed from your users is displayed in your app. Good way to build strong community with better engagement


The most efficient way to communicate through chat. Here you can also send pictures, video, etc.

Video call

Bring communication to the next level with built-in video call. See your users live in action

Live streaming

Advanced technology for live streaming services like Facebook Live; and you can have it too

Ticket scan

It is more convinient to have ticket scan function right in your app rather than carrying physical tickets; we can impliment this to suite your business whether it is for QR code or Bar code


Convenient to send your information to your selected target at once

Push notification

Make sure your users never miss your message


We can build location-based services around a user's location determined with GPS. We use these services to share our location with others, measuring distance, building routes, and so on

AI/Machine Learning

Make your app a lot smarter with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning - method of data analysis that automates analytical model building, based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention


Support every payment systems available: In-App Purchase, Internet Banking, Credit Card - that suit your products and services

Responsive design

Your apps and websites will look great on any device

SEO friendly

Apart from all above, if your apps/websites are hard to be found, it is useless. So we make sure that is not the case with our SEO friendly


Our Work

No matter what industry you are in, we can equip you with the best solutions that will help you leapfrog your competitors:

Why Us?

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